21 Savage’s Resilient Journey to ‘American Dream’

In a resounding triumph, 21 Savage’s latest masterpiece, “American Dream,” is poised to make history by claiming the top spot on this week’s Billboard 200 chart, with a staggering 130,000 units sold. The UK-born artist is on the verge of securing his fourth No. 1 album, marking a significant milestone in his already illustrious career.

According to projections by Hits Daily Double, the official numbers are set to be unveiled this Sunday evening (January 14), solidifying 21 Savage’s dominance in the music industry. The album’s impact extends beyond sales, with all fifteen tracks storming Apple Music’s Top 20 upon its official release on January 12.

Unlike his previous projects, “American Dream” sheds the dead-eyed nihilism of “Savage Mode” and the victory lap theatrics of “i am > i was.” Critics, including HipHopDX, have lauded the album, awarding it a commendable 3.5 stars out of 5.

This musical journey represents a departure from gimmicks, with 21 Savage delving deep into introspection. The album serves as a personal diary, offering an intimate exploration of his life and career from a 30,000-foot view. The bitterness evident in past offerings is replaced with a poignant reflection on his worth, acknowledging the sacrifices his family made for his success.

One standout track, “letter to my brudda,” showcases a crisp soul sample and shimmering organ-like synths. In this poignant piece, 21 Savage bares his soul, addressing the struggles faced by his brother and the difficult decisions forced upon individuals emerging from challenging circumstances.

“See the real,” another compelling track, unfolds against a backdrop of chiptune voices and a jerky drum groove, providing a spacious canvas for Savage’s soul-bearing lyrics. The artist’s authenticity shines through, capturing the essence of the American Dream at its best.

The album’s success is a testament to 21 Savage’s resilience. His journey, marred by a four-year immigration ordeal culminating in a near-deportation in 2019, now stands as a triumph. In October of the previous year, 21 Savage, also known as Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, officially became a permanent resident alien, paving the way for a triumphant return to his roots in London.

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