“4For4” Does Several Genres Great Justice, Reveling in Janae’s Uninhibited Spirit. 

Janae offers a commanding presence on her succinct and seductive “4For4”. The level of sheer desire she weaves into the sound feels empowering. The bass rumbles through here with a force of nature quality. One can virtually feel the heaviness of the atmosphere, for it completely crushes everything in its path. Even on the lighter tracks, the sound has this depth, which feels doubly refreshing. For the short, pop-friendly duration of these pieces, they contain quite a bit within their distinctive approach. 

A fantastic groove anchors the whole of “Lick Back.” Flexible to the extreme, the song weaves its way through various terrain. Best of all, her lyricism cuts to the bone. The piece completely grabs the listener by the throat with a confrontational approach. Skittering melodies give “Deep” a reggaeton flavor. The song unfurls in a gentle, lovely way. Her voice navigates the importance of communicating with a partner, with the tenderness feeling outright beautiful. Beats have an industrial aesthetic on the deep drops of “Ca$h App.” Plenty of the piece’s intelligent design comes from the kaleidoscopic array of different genres bouncing off each other. Incorporating an additional vocalist gives “Own It” a conversational quality. The crispness of the sound adds to the clarity of the work. Many verses show off the dominant/submissive nature of a playful partnership. 

“4For4” has a burning bright soul, with Janae incorporating so much into the tremendously immersive experience.

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