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Load B Atwoh was born in 1985, in North Carolina and has been making music for over twenty years. He has creatively chosen his stage name “Load B. Atwoh” because it is an acronym for “Last Of A Dyin Breed All The Way One Hunnet” which fits his original style of music as well as his genuinely real and authentic character as a person and as an artist. He’s been recording music since the 90s back when cassette tapes were still a thing and recalls using them to record as well as to blast music all over and throughout his hood on his boombox.

One of his most important attributes he values in himself and in others is loyalty. Load B Atwoh says “Loyalty is royalty” He is very loyal to his friends, family, and to his fans and to anyone who has helped him promote his music and his brand and most importantly he has stayed loyal to making music as he’s never ever thought of quitting because making music is his life. He says “I’ll be pushing music until the casket drops.”

His favorite producers are Mannie Fresh and Dr Dre. He’s performed many times but as the owner of his own label his priorities are to his artists who he loves to put on first. One of his main goals is to make a track with Money Man or to open for Lil Wayne, as well as to make money while getting signed to Swaggertown Records.VIEW COMMENTS (2)

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