DYS Dawn is Making a Name for Himself as One of the Best Artists in the Capital District 518 Area as he is Blows Away the Competition.

DYS Dawn, a hot new artist from the 518 gives a look at heartbreak, mental illness, new love and what happens when you are given the wrong things at the right time. Often speaking about these things in his music, he still finds a way to bring some energy and good vibes to his discography with songs like, “My Zone” and “Dont eva look back”.
For some people music is just something to listen to and take up time, for others it’s a way to vent or escape. While having tough times in his past, looking back inspired songs like “regret” and “Rejects”. With inspirations from Juice WRLD, Post Malone, and XXXTENTACION brought his first ep “Traffic Cones”. “So when did you start making music” … “ I was lost, in a bad relationship, at college, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I was chilling with my brothers from college one day and we just started freestyling. After that it was all the time, either in my mind or out loud as much as possible.”
It was only around May of this year when DYS Dawn started to record. With aspirations to land a record deal and travel the world performing, he said “ I am always recording, with the way my mind works, my love for music and the way I’m able to freestyle, I’m always sitting behind that mic.” When asked what “DYS Dawn” means and how it came to be he replied, “ It was after I recorded my first song ‘friday’ I couldn’t sleep one night, I came up with DYS as it is an abbreviation of one of my sayings “ Do Your Sh*t” and I looked at the sunrise and was dawn, a new beginning to every day. So I put them together to get the meaning do your sh*t and it’s a new beginning”. “ I touch on what it feels like to live your life doing what you want in my new EP”.
Dawn is not to be taken as a gimmick; he plans to work with Post Malone, Trippie Red and many others. With the frequency and work ethic of DYS Dawn there is no clue where he will go but one thing is for sure he is doing his own thing and is only the very beginning.


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