518’s Israel Romero Aka “Nightcrawler” Is One of the Hottest, Most Affordable, Veteran D.J.’s That You Could Book in the Tricity Region.

Israel Romero, Aka “Nightcrawler” is a seasoned, veteran D.J. who has been D.J.ing for 24 years now. He D.J.’s weddings, proms, office parties, graduations, birthdays, sweet 16s, anniversaries, bachelor parties, in addition to d.j.ing on the radio, and much more, and can cater and tailor any event and structure it to fit your events exact needs. His chill demeanor and laid back personality has helped him perform on several radio stations starting way back in 1998. “I worked for ‘Albany Broadcasting’ from 1998 to 2004. I did 12pm-6am, Mon threw Fri on ‘Fly 92.3’ in Albany. I worked for ‘Townsquares Media’ from 2007-2012. I was part of ‘The Promotions Crew’, and I was on ‘Hot 99.1’ on weekends. I’m currently working for ‘iheart media’ in promotions, I also do a radio mix show called ‘The Shuffle’ on ‘88.3, The Saint’, right here in Albany”, says Romero. Israel continues to stay busy and loves d.j.ing so it doesn’t feel like work to him because he enjoys it so much. When asked what got him into d.j.ing he replied “I use to live in New Jersey and there they had a radio station called ‘Hot 97.1’ (New York’s Mix) from NYC. This is back when it was a dance station before they switched it to hip hop in 1993. They had a show on Saturday nights called ‘ The Original Hot 97 Saturday Night Dance Party’ mixed by ‘ The Wizard with the Mix’, ‘Glen Frisca’, it ran on Saturday from 10pm-2am, it was non-stop and completely live from some of the hottest clubs in New York, New Jersey, and Conneticut. So yea, listening to ‘Glen Frisca’ is what got me into d.j.ing.” When asked how d.j.ing has changed over the years Israel says the equipment has become much lighter and easier to transport. “We went from carrying crates of vinyls, to carrying boxes of c.d. sleeves, and finally to carrying a mixer and a laptop to the clubs and bars,” said Romero. Israel enjoys d.j.ing clubs and bars the most but offers his services for just about any type of event that requires a d.j. Israel loves playing house and freesyle over all other genres. Israel resides in Schenectady but is willing to travel as far as an hour away to d.j. an event. One thing that sets Israel apart from other d.j.’s is that he mixes the classics in with the new while most d.j.s’ only play the new. If you would like to book D.J. Nightcrawler you can contact him at izzy4600@gmail.com

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