A Day In The Life With David Revuelta

We asked Spanish musical mastermind David Revuelta what a day in his life was like, and this is what he told us.

Those who like Spanish music will already be familiar with David Revuelta. This 20-year-old artist has been making his money in music for months now, busting out of the gate with some of the best new songs on Spotify this year. 

Armed with little more than a PC and a good ear for sound samples, David Revuelta has managed to take Spotify by storm. What started as making a few tunes in his bedroom has become a lifelong obsession set to keep creating for years to come. 

We wanted to know what it is like to suddenly be catapulted to social media fame, have thousands of monthly listeners, and have a TikTok following that would make your favorite band jealous. So we asked David Revuelta what it’s like to be him, and he told us what his days are like. Here’s what he had to say.

Mornings Start Early

If you are a social media influencer or a big name in music, you start your days early. When are you both? You start them earlier still. David Revuelta is up at 6 am most mornings, although getting up earlier is not unheard of for his busy schedule. With routine flights and interviews with people on the other side of the world, the morning schedule can get a bit hectic. 

After a fast breakfast, it’s time to flip through those messages. Across all of his social media outlets, David Revuelta has access to some 40,000+ fans. That’s a lot of news to answer back in a day! Once his messages are done, he has to reach out to the people he needs that day to make his music. This can take another hour or two, depending. 

Hair and makeup arrive late in the morning, should he have an interview scheduled that day. TikTok expects a certain level of beautification, too, when it comes to posting daily videos. Once his team has made him pretty, he can work creating content for his social accounts.

Afternoons are Long for a Music Influencer

Once his morning is concluded, David grabs a quick lunch before heading on to his next project. Afternoons are spent on his first love: the pursuit of music. Whether he is chilling with his friends in his home studio or out recording or playing a live gig, David Revuelta spends hours of each day creating his tunes. So what’s his secret to good music? David swears that rehearsing every single day is what keeps him making.

Once the afternoon has vanished, David has a relaxing evening meal and takes it easy for the rest of the night. He has to be fresh for those early starts. Some evenings, he will be playing gigs until late at night, so those early mornings are made more difficult.

The Key to Success?

What is the key to this young man’s success? David Revuelta shows up every day and attacks music like it’s his last day on earth. If we all did the same with the things we love, we’d be successful, too.

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