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– Afro Preachah –

James Porter III known better to the world by his stage name ” Afro Preachah “ has been paving his way through the music scene for easily two decades now. Throughout that time span he has represented the areas of Kansas City, Kansas and St. Paul, Minnesota making both cities more than proud. The all-round entrepreneur and entertainer has many other endeavors that he is balancing which can be explored further on his website http://www.afropreachah.com/ where you will be able to find monthly art drops accompanied by fashion and original music of course. The long-time veteran continues to show us that he will settle for nothing less than greatness; that success alone just isn’t enough for the visions he has in store for his future and that of his brand. He consistently pushes to see more growth in all aspects of his life, but none have been more prominent than that of his music career. Inspired mostly by his father, Rev. James Porter Jr. as well as Morris DayAfro Preachah has developed that of a genre of his own dubbed ” Minnesota Hip-Hop Funk/R&B “ which gets appreciated worldwide but has had its highest rates of success specifically in the United KingdomChina, and the United States of America; a conclusion determined through key analytic research such as that of the subscription newsletter which is also available on his website. ( http://www.afropreachah.com/ ) Afro Preachah credits these organic subscribers to being his biggest supporters. Some other important aspects of his life that Afro Preachah has spoken on in the past regarding what drives him include his family, followed by his producers ” LST ” and ” Jah Hakeem “ 

 ” The opportunity we have to create original music is the driving force behind the music.” – Afro Preachah

Currently independent and open to the idea of a distribution deal it’s only a matter of time before he lands one. Hopefully once secured that’ll give him the push needed to get the attention of artists by the likes of Snoop DoggBusta RhymesTory LanezMC Lyte, and Jonell Mona; all artists that Afro Preachah has shared interest in collaborating with soon. Last and not least and surely not to be forgotten would be a collaboration with Morris Day. In the dead or alive category, he expressed a strong desire to work with musical legends Michael Jackson and Rick James. In the meantime, fans can rejoice in hearing that there will be a new music video coming to light soon in addition to graphic fashions. Until that time fans can enjoy one of Afro Preachah’s most recent releases, ” GET DOWN ” produced by his long-term producer ” LST ” of ” LSTMUZIC “. Fans can also expect a new release from Afro Preachah in the first quarter of 2023.

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