A Lust for Life ties HAMX’s “Tap If You Like It” Together

Photo Credit: Rachael Buechler

Photo Credit: Rachael Buechler

HAMX uses infectious dance beats to reflect social media’s influence on life with Tap If You Like It. There is a degree of sexuality infused into the body of the sound. The usage of vocals, both male and female, adds to its decadence. A fascinating use of call and response within a four-to-the-floor beat goes for this visceral take. With only minimal usage of language, the track provides commentary on how flirtation occurs with no attention paid to distance. The song carries a heaviness, from the booming bass to the efficient lockstep of the beat. His edits of every single note of each vocal snippet increase the power of how each element works. 

Extreme minimalism introduces the track. With the cut-off edges of a sawtooth synth line incorporating a bit of electro, it feels raw and intense. The vocals echo into the distance as the beat rush starts the groove into a heavyset experience. Out from the seemingly infinite, he draws an ever-growing number of colors into the fray. It has a mysticism that becomes readily apparent in the final third. For this rush towards the finish, the usage of vocals gives it a mixture of extreme desire in a profoundly loving way. It has a wildness to it that has finally broken free of any social media ways of being, in exchange for the real thing. 

“Tap If You Like It” has a commanding, dominant quality, with HAMX proving to be a master of the dancefloor. 

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