A Night At The Opera With Gian Pietro Beltrando

As popularized in a scene in the 2018 film Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen’s A Night at the Opera was a huge leap of faith. Its incorporation of a wide range of styles and instruments, with a blend of orchestral elements, was extremely unconventional and considered a big risk for the time. This risk, however, launched Queen to global superstardom and arguably cemented their place in global music history.

This tidbit served as one of the biggest inspirations for 25-year-old Italian entrepreneur and aspiring musician Gian Pietro Beltrando. 

With his unique experiences as an Italian touring musician of the modern generation, Gian creates a unified blend of Gen-Z’s diverse and fluid genres, classical Italian musical tradition, and more modern resurgences of Italian pop and pop-rock. 

As with Queen’s orchestral inspirations, Gian uses similar concepts to merge these seemingly-incompatible threads into a harmonious whole. Armed with his singular musical style, Gian’s music narrates a relatable melody of modern struggles marked with the unique Italian romantic expression.

The theme’s of Gian’s music are born of things he is uniquely-familiar with due to his life experiences. Growing up in the small comune of Savigliano in Northern Italy, Gian knew almost immediately that the chore of everyday office work did not suit him. Wanting to live life on his own terms, it did not take long for Gian to decide to move to nearby Piasco and make his living as a full-time entrepreneur.

Gian Pietro Beltrando found all he was looking for and more. The village had a strong Romantic musical tradition, being home to the Salvi Harps factory and a picture-perfect scene of ancient wineries, sprawling vineyards, and mountain vistas.

There, he found his passion, and he soon had a lifestyle defined by business, travel, and music in equal measures. He recalls how he would travel from area to area, carrying only his select set of instruments and a laptop, used for both business and music production.

After years of recording and performing in Northern Italy, Gian Pietro Beltrando now hopes to release his own full album through streaming sites worldwide. You can tune in and find out more about this young musician’s journey through his Facebook or his Instagram at @g_b__7.

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