A Sit Down With LeFunk

Hey ______LeFunk_______ How are you?

I’m as cool as a fan…

What is your biggest achievement? 

I’d say my biggest achievement is being such a well-rounded Producer and Musician. I can do any genre, and feel confident enough to take on any project. Being a multi-instrumentalist is a plus. My main instruments are bass, keys, drums and guitar. It doesn’t matter what I do, I know it’s going to be stellar. Anything I touch turns to funk. 

Who is your biggest inspiration ? 

I don’t really have one person in particular. I’m inspired by so many different success stories from people of so many different walks of life. Whenever I see someone win, I’m genuinely happy for them. I say “If they can do it, so can I.” That’s my inspiration. 

Where do you see yourself in 1 year ? 

In a year, I see myself basking in the success of my work as Composer and Music Supervisor on the Bat Sh!t film. Getting ready to start working on scoring an upcoming Horror film.  Most definitely working with some dope ass artists on some new music. Multiple genres.

Where are you from? 

I’m originally from Gastonia, NC. I live in Atlanta now.

How old are you? 

I’m 44.

 Are you working on any projects ?

Yes, I’m currently doing the soundtrack for a Psychological Thriller/Comedy film called Bat Sh!t. 

Outside of that, I’m always making new tracks.

What are you in this industry for ? 

I know that I can make a significant contribution to the Arts & Humanities. I’m passionate about art – all forms. Music just happens to be one of the areas I’m most gifted.

What’s your next move ?

After I finish scoring Bat Sh!t, I’ll be moving on to working on a feature length Horror film. I also have work on a Horror/Suspense miniseries called Nightmares coming up. I’m looking for artists to work with too.

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