A Sit Down With Lil Lefebvre

As a musician, there’s no denying that creativity and passion go hand in hand. For Lil Lefebvre, a rapper and songwriter, his love for music knows no bounds. In a recent interview, he shared some insights into his music journey, projects, and inspirations.

When asked about his favorite music to listen to, Lil Lefebvre revealed that he is an eclectic listener, with a taste for rap, rock, hip hop, and R&B. Currently, he’s working on his upcoming album, “The Lil Lefebvre LP,” and his latest release is the “Times Up EP.” According to him, fans can expect the album to drop in late May or early June.

In terms of his performance style, Lil Lefebvre revealed that it depends on the situation. He is always vigilant, no matter what he’s doing, and he doesn’t trust anyone in public. When it comes to selling out a stage, he has his sights set on Madison Square. And, in terms of traveling to perform, he would love to visit LA.

Despite not having performed for a large crowd yet, Lil Lefebvre is optimistic and believes that his first show, which will probably consist of 20-50 people, will be lit. As for who he can see himself on tour with, he named Tech as someone he admires and would love to share the stage with.

Finally, Lil Lefebvre also talked about the talented producers he works with personally. Anno Domini, Wyshmaster, Legion Beats, Thatkidgoran, Lezter, Rush Beats, and 27 Corazone Beats are some of the names he mentioned.

In summary, Lil Lefebvre is an up-and-coming artist with a unique sound and a passion for music. With his upcoming album and a growing fan base, he’s someone to keep an eye on in the music industry.

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