A talent on the rise is UK born Lewis Barry

Those who put in the time and the work get the bigger results in the long term. Lewis Barry is living proof of this because he puts in the time and effort into his musical creations and allows the results to speak for themselves. 

“Obsession beats talent” When we spoke to Lewis he said he doesn’t just love creating music he said his entire life is about creating something and allowing it to be publically available for others to hear. His music is created for others not himself. He said although he loves hearing his creation he prefers hearing the impact it has on others lives.

Lewis has many popular releases some of which include “Summer Dream, Tap It, I’m Loving You and Beat Flowers.” Those are only to name a few which have recently taken their step to fame…

Lewis loves to draw attention with his music and expresses publically that what he has done so far in the musical world is nothing compared to what he hopes to do over the next few years. 

Lewis Barry knows that his goals are not small but he also knows that with his work ethic if he continues to work daily and strive for greatness he will be able to get where he wants and needs to in the musical world.

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