Alejandra Divo & Eva Jarit Release New Single”Superstars”

Models, singers, Alejandra Divo and Eva Jarit, started 2022 as singers and bring their music to their followers. With collaborations from major brands in the fashion industry, both are still active in the world of fashion to delight their fans. followers to motivate with their lifestyles all those people who require a bit of motivation, guidance or simply company.

It is intended that thanks to the effort of each one of the people they manage to feel more sure of themselves and that this in turn makes them smile.

What no one expected is that Eva and Alejandra also bring us another facet as singers, the important thing is to share with smiles, laughter and learn every day, both are preparing the choreography for their music video, as well as the costumes of the events and presentations from your calendars.

Alejandra Divo “Venezuelan by birth, the youngest of four sisters. Since I was little, I knew that my future was in the world of fashion; I made my first approaches as a game, always wearing clothes with a particular style, making modifications to them and, although perhaps not always fashionable, my outfits definitely looked different”. Eva was the one who encouraged her to continue in the world of fashion.

for Eva Jarit who is from Spain, for her “The years passed and I dreamed of setting foot in Italy and parading with the panache of Naomi Campbell, so I decided, while studying Business, that it was time to take charge of my destiny and turn my dreams into reality.

“So it was that, I got a couple of jobs that allowed me to pay for my university studies and my first modeling classes, it was definitely a difficult time, but I was determined not to give up.”

“Already as a model in Belgium, the unexpected opportunity arose to travel to Paris, becoming one of the lucky girls who graced the Fashion Week catwalk. After that pleasant experience, my biggest dream would come true. I received the offer to travel to Paris to parade and be, for three consecutive years, the exclusive model of a prestigious clothing brand”.

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