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Homestead Florida’s own Genoda1 recruits New York’s Jake Strain for a revisit on one of his older songs “Sanctuary”. Jake Strain has been giving back to upcoming artists during the week of Thanksgiving. Immediately after Jake created a tweet that stated:“I been doing features working with budgets of 2.5K+ for the past year.. as Thanksgiving is approaching I want to give an opportunity to give back. So with that being said someone send me some open verses and imma bless y’all with some verses !

Geno was quick with the email and the rest was history!

We asked Geno what it was like working with Swaggertown Records?

 “Working with Swaggertown Records has been an amazing experience. They’re super professional, very welcoming and treat you like family. Swaggertown records is definitely the next biggest label in the world. I suggest every artist with talent and who believes in their music to work with Swaggertown. They’re the truth.”

What was it like working with your previous record label company Stay Alive Records?

“Sounds alive? Man them people bullshit. They didnt do anything for me. Trash ass label. They just taking peoples money lmao”

What did they do, or what did they offer if you don’t mind us asking?

“Nothing lol I had to pay to get on the label and they put me on bullshit blogs that I saw had no followers at all. I’ve done more for myself than they did for me. that label you have to pay everything so i was like this isn’t a label if i gotta pay for every single thing.”

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“Sanctuary” ft Jake Strain

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