Andii Styron embodies the scorching end to bad relationships on Thawing Out

The end of a bad relationship is a relief for all. Yet, a number of breakup albums focus on the sadness, and the loss of that individual. From Beck’s Sea Changes to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors, they tend to have a downtrodden quality to them. Yet Andii Styron takes a different approach to the subject matter – one of defiance.

A liberating sense ought to come from leaving someone, especially someone who made their partner feel that bad. Yes, there certainly is a sense of sorrow involved but far too often there is reverence to those good moments, the moments that were more at the beginning of the relationship. Rather than just have that, Andii instead presents the freeing experience. If a relationship did not work out, then there ought to be that relief that comes with the end of something terrible.

Her stories on Thawing Out make a lot of sense when taken in that fashion. Even the title Thawing Out seems to hint at the inner fire burning within a person. Getting out of that icy, emotionally draining relationship can rekindle the spirit of self-love, the self-care that needs to happen before more growth and a better partnership can happen.

The band she has behind her does a fantastic job in emphasizing this point. Full of energy, they incorporate folk, country, and classic rock in a style not too dissimilar from some of the greats, and Andii Styron certainly has the fortitude to join their ranks.

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