ANJEZA – Slaying Demons Through Music 

Once a taboo, now a loud explosion of pain is heard all over the world. The mental and emotional deterioration of youth is hanging in the last string of hope. Many self centered artists who built a fortune on the destruction of their audience, don’t even notice the fall but that is not the case for ANJEZA. The responsibility to be a leader that inspires change, growth, and empowerment is what highlights her work through music.

ANJEZA’s new music video “Ahora Quien No Te Quiere Soy Yo” it’s an explicit battle between light and dark, the fall and the lift, the pain and the love, the loss and the win, the addiction and the healing, the self destruction and self building.


The video opens up with two people training separately for a fight. We soon notice this is the same person dressed respectively in white to symbolize light and black to symbolize darkness. As the song builds up, the chorus says “Now I’m the one who doesn’t want you”, which is the translation of the song title, the two characters face each other in a box battle fighting for their life. Positive and negative encouragement are seen on the side of both of them cheering for destruction and change but they can’t intervene nor help. After all, the only one capable of fighting the fall is the lifted and woke version of yourself that is ready to finally let go.

The powerful beat of the music marries every boxing hit they both give and receive intensifying the story line. It’s a spiritual battle, a metaphor of the mental struggle which ends with the winning of light, introducing an element of empowerment for the audience.

But ANJEZA assures us that this is not always the case. “Daily, another soul leaves this world, another soul falls, and there are not enough artists that care for the well being of their audience.”

Living with the motto – “Music Heals – and Music Moves”, ANJEZA stands true to making music with an empowering message. She is a latin urban artist that dictates the streets with her impeccable rhythm and wise lyrics, but doesn’t let the streets drag her. As she delivers a positive message of change to her audience seeing them embrace their lit potentials, she expresses that “the definition of success is healing the world not stacking colored papers in the bank”

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