Apparently confirms Shalev Haziza is New York’s next R&B Superstar

No city consistently defined the direction of R&B like New York did in the 2010s. The dark, hedonistic stylings of French Montana’s mixtapes and the sing-rap hybrids of Nicki Minaj Pink Friday have become the standard across the genre, and the city has continued to churn out marquee names in the world of hip hop: 50 Cent Lloyd Banks, Mase, Aboogie wit da hoodie, among countless others. There’s no exact science as to why New York became the epicenter of Hiphop, but if Shalev Haziza new single “Apparently” is any indication, it’ll continue to be so for the near future. 

Despite being a relative unknown, Shalev Haziza has burst onto the scene with a unique sound and a strong image. “Apparently” is rooted in New York’s hip hop, but the song’s percussion is far more acoustic than what most of his contemporaries prefer; the hushed hi-hats and claps bring an aura of calmness to the track. There’s also hints of classic soul in Shalev’s  vocal lines and the lush background vocals that accent his verse. All of these factors are designed to revolve around Shalev’s soothing, rangey vocals, and his singing is able to strike a perfect balance between dreamy and nocturnal.

“Apparently” has taken off in part due to its use on a viral Tik Tok trend, which shouldn’t be surprising. The song is great and Shalev Haziza is fairly young, which means he’s coming from a place that the youth can understand and relate to. It’s rare that someone of his age is able to make such polished, fully-formed music, and that talent is already paying off. New York’s found their next big thing. 

Listen to “Apparently ” below, and follow Shalev Haziza

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