Artist and Producer Marcus Antonio Releases Genre-Blending Hit, “Winner”

Originally going by “Young Marky”, Marcus Antionio always knew he wanted to escape his father’s legacy and create his own path, so he’s been building his career on his own terms since he was just 13 years old. Looking up to musical legends like Bob Marley, Shaggy, and his father, Mark “Dragon” Williams, Marcus has been surrounded by greatness all his life, and always knew he was destined for a career as a musician.

After finding much success in his earlier years and a brief stint on American Idol in 2018, he was ready to part ways with his “Young Marky” persona and really go after his new vision. Soon after, his whole style changed, and he put all of his effort and energy into his creativity.

Ever since, Marcus has fully diversified his portfolio, having released songs in genres like R&B, country, pop, Jazz, and Blues. On that note, his latest single, “Winner”, dropped earlier this year and is the perfect mashup of R&B and Reggae, and has gained a lot of serious attention. Looking ahead, Marcus is excited to try out things he’s never done before, like mixing his Caribbean style with an eclectic melting pot of all other genres.

Always a crowd favorite, Marcus has been a trending sensation over recent years, Having networked with the right people and taken the necessary opportunities along the way, Marcus has successfully built up his platform to where he is today.

To hear more from Marcus Antonio and stay up-to-date on his latest projects by checking him out at the following links:

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