Artist and Producer Sincere Sosa Is Releases Back to Back Heat

Miami native and of Puerto Rican heritage, Sincere Sosa is getting back into the studio and releasing his own music after taking a brief hiatus as an artist to pursue his other interests. A talented writer, musician, and businessman, Sincere originally hit the scene under the name TRU SOSA. Sincere was signed as a kid to C-Murder’s label, TRU Records, but after C’s second incarceration, Sincere took a step back from the industry and has since found success in other areas.

Having worked with the writing team of super producer Bryan Michael Cox, Sincere has found great success with the pen. Ever since this introduction, Sincere has been able to work as a ghostwriter on major projects for top artists today in a variety of genres.

On the streetwear front, Sincere has been a staple on the scene, supplying the largest athletes and rap artists today with hats from his brand, ten99, which has a focus on hats over the past decade. This venture has been extremely profitable for Sincere, and he has benefited from his ability to find opportunities in the market.

Noting his successes doing branding work for numerous corporate entities over the past ten years, Sincere was recently able to leave the corporate world in 2021 after his profitable business decisions in recent years have allowed him to do so.

Looking at his plans for 2022, Sincere will continue to invest in numerous fields, including cannabis and crypto, and now has more time on his hands to chase his dreams and take care of unfinished business. Stepping back into the studio and re-emerging as an artist, Sincere is getting ready to release new music for his fans and delve back into the industry.

To hear more from Sincere and stay up-to-date with his latest projects, you can check him out at the following links:

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