Artist and Producer Yessenia Cossio Releases Electric Single “VIBRATIONN”

For anyone looking for a fresh up-and-coming artist to check out, look no further than Yessenia Cossio. Hot on the scene, Yessenia Cossio is turning heads throughout the industry as she brings her electric personality and natural talents to the stage. Inspired by her Cuban roots and Miami upbringing, Yessenia Cossio is always excited for a new challenge, and won’t stop until she’s on top.

Always on the other side of the mic, Yessenia Cossio has been enjoying her time as an artist and producer. She always admired musicians growing up, and loved the way their music could make her feel seen and heard in her everyday struggles. Since she’s been taking her music career more seriously, she’s noted that she’s been much more expressive with her feelings and creativity, so she finds music to be one of the best outlets for self-expression and stress relief out there.

Having a diverse background throughout her career, Yessenia Cossio has tackled many other endeavors that she’s set her mind to. Her music career is no different, and she approaches it with as much vigor and drive as anything else in her life. She’s perfected the spirit of never giving up, and always rebounding after a setback.

To hear more from Yessenia Cossio and stay up-to-date on her latest projects, you can check her out at the following links:

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