Artist and Songwriter Storii touches on the dark side of his journey with his single “Lost in the Dark”

Famous psychologist, Carl Jung, once said that even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word ‘happy’ can easily lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. What many people do not realize is that some of our blessings come from the hurt we have experienced. Those who understand this premise know that darkness is their candle, and their boundaries are their quest in life. There is just something, even during the darkest situations that we can make a positive.

Artist and songwriter, Storii recently released a new single “Lost in the Dark”, a melodious tune that brings out his exemplary talent. The song is a depiction of his challenges, expectations, and goals in life as an entertainer in Hollywood. He presents several themes that are relatable to most people in society. One of the issues he brings out is how people struggle with darkness and get comfortable with their distress without doing anything to alleviate their situation.

Storii started recording songs from his friend’s garage early on in his career. He considers these moments to be some of the best in his life because the music he created was so careless. With exposure in the music industry and constant engagements, his popularity became better. He has been referred by most of his acquaintances to write songs for famous musicians such as Rich the Kid, Drei Ros and Rich the Kid. Storii admits that it is always captivating to interact with a successful person who continues to traverse through the height of their talent. However, at times, this adoration casts a sense of doubt, confusion and self-pity, especially when he realizes that he has innate talents that are not explored.

The entertainment industry usually takes people who deliver seriously. It is an aspect that Storii learned early on in his career. Storii says that one has to be relentless and willing to sacrifice anything to become a better version of themselves, especially during those turbulent moments. While all this is happening, it is inevitable for darkness to cloud our lives, making it almost impossible to be hopeful of the future. This dark side of things is about survival- about unleashing our inner power.  Storii did this and wrote a song to show for it. It is his story of reinvention, of a man who has moved beyond the darkness to see the glory of life.

As far as Storii can discern, his purpose amidst challenges and barriers in his career is to kindle a light in the darkness. To see the star at every opportunity. “Lost in the Dark” is all about this manifestation.

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