DJ ChangeOReese Finally Releases “HALFLIFE”

Making waves throughout the music scene, DJ ChangeOReese is bringing a change of pace to the industry with his refreshing beats and unique tracks. While he wasn’t always engrossed in making music himself, he grew up having a deep love and respect for the music of all genres, and only got into making music once the pandemic hit and he had a little more time on his hands.

Growing a huge following on social media and organically growing his platform on those sites, DJ ChangeOReese is making himself known in the music industry with his magnetic personality and futuristic sounds.

Always staying humble, DJ ChangeOReese knows what it takes to make it in this industry, and isn’t going to wait for a miracle to make it happen. He’s all about living life on your own terms, and he knows that this means a lot of hard work and dedication in order to achieve this lifestyle.

DJ ChangeOReese knew the 9-5 lifestyle wasn’t for him, and he embraces all avenues and endeavors that let him be independent and 100% his own boss. That’s a big reason why he’s fallen in love with the music industry, where he feels completely in control of his fate and what he can accomplish.

To hear more from DJ ChangeOReese and stay up-to-date on his latest projects, you can check him out at the following links:

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