Artist HunnitBands Next Album “Exotic Stangers” Is Coming Soon

From a Sudanese background, meet jeweler and trap rapper, HunnitBands. Mo Mahir, better known as HunnitBands, is originally from Washington, D.C. He is the current CEO of Bagdad The Label, a music company he created and hopes to sign artists to. He always knew he had a love for music, but spending time in his engineer’s basement with ThaKidOz solidified that he wanted to make music a career. 

Hunnit has a lot to look forward to; his next project is an album called “Exotic Strangers” that will be released in the near future. When we asked him what his dream collaboration would be he told us, “Moneybagg! I feel like we’ll make a fire hit.”

One of HunnitBands’ most proud accomplishments is becoming a jeweler; it was always one of his dreams. He is the owner of Water Brothers, a luxury diamond and gold custom jeweler. He stays so motivated because he feels that he is a voice for people who don’t have one. “I do it for all my people who can’t, who don’t have the opportunity, whether they are behind bars or back home.”To learn more about HunnitBands, find him on Instagram, Spotify and Bagdad The Label’s Youtube page.

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