Artist IamAlexMajor Releases Summer Hit “ATTENTIONN”

Making her way to the top in the entertainment industry has always been a goal for IamAlexMajor, and lately she’s been hitting career milestones left and right and proving that she’s here to stay. With her latest single, “ATTENTIONN”, IamAlexMajor is showing off her innate talents and magentic personality that have gotten her to where she’s at today.

Being a rising star in the industry isn’t always the easiest path, but she’s grateful for the supportive team and network that surround her that have made it easier for her. As an independent artist, IamAlexMajor knows the tough road that lies ahead, but it’s worth it for her in order to be at the top of her game and completely in charge of her destiny.

IamAlexMajor cares about loyalty over everything, especially in her immediate circle. She hates hearing people that say she got where she’s at due to luck, because it has taken a lot of sacrifice and dedication for her to reach the level of success that she’s seen throughout her career.

She looks forward to empowering her culture with her music, and will continue to put in time in the studio to perfect her craft and pump out new releases for her fans. To hear more from IamAlexMajor, you can stay up-to-date with her latest projects by checking her out at the following links:

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