Artist Iamcassimanner Brings A Beachy Vibe To Her Music

Bringing the tropical atmosphere and good vibes from her home in Hawaii, artist Iamcassimanner is making waves throughout the industry and is excited by her exploration into her creative side as she makes her debut as a musician. A positive and free spirit by nature, Iamcassimanner wants to bring some light into the world through her work.

Always having a deep passion for music, Iamcassimanner never pictured herself trying her own hand at it. Growing up, she was always in love with EDM and electronic music, noting that every track was completely unique and could evoke a multitude of feelings. This is exactly the sentiment she’s trying to showcase in her own career. Having only recently started making music since the onset of the pandemic, Iamcassimanner has proven that she’s a natural talent in the game, and has only dug deeper into the industry since she got started.

One of the important lessons she’s learned throughout her life is to never give up and to never doubt yourself. She acknowledges the toxic culture today of online bullying and internet haters, though she knows that she is in charge of her energy and what she is able to accomplish. Knowing how far hard work and dedication can take you in this industry, Iamcassimanner is more than willing to put in the work that will take her career to the next level. Plus, she has a solid following behind her already that has already shown loads of support.

As she continues to hit career milestones left and right, Iamcassimanner is making a name for herself and proving that she’s here to stay. Never one to back down from a challenge, she is ready to show the world what she’s been working on, and keep getting better every day. She acknowledges the challenges of making it as an independent artist, though she has learned from those who have come before her and has a game plan for how to approach her career.

In the future, Iamcassimanner is excited by the potential to connect and collaborate with big names in the industry, which she knows will be extremely influential and educational for her career. Aside from that, she looks forward to releasing more music for her fans to enjoy and potentially hitting the stage later this year for some live sets. To hear more from Iamcassimanner and stay up-to-date with her latest projects you can check her out at the following links:

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