Austin Godsey on Expressing Authenticity Through Music

Some people become musicians because of their love for their favorite artists and the type of music they create. Others go into it because they appreciate music as its own thing and love the art and the craft of creating good songs that resonate with people. Then, some wander into music because they have something to say, and they think that music is the best medium to do it.

For Austin Godsey, it was the combination of the three that brought him the idea to start writing and recording music. He admired musicians and he admired the art, but he also loved people and their stories, and he wanted to turn them into his songs.

Somewhere in the process, he stumbled upon one of the most coveted assets artists can have in this day and age: authenticity. It’s a hot commodity because it almost guarantees an artist will be able to command attention from an audience. Maybe not a big audience, or maybe not for long, but it will be there; that’s the power of authenticity.

As someone who creates music as a form of self-expression, authenticity might come easy to Austin Godsey. He’s had enough life experiences in the time he’s been around, and they formed him into a kind of person who has that special kind of lens with which to bend and reflect reality. For him, and for much of his generation of artists and creators, authenticity comes easily because they all draw from within to create awesome music.

When it comes to the way the authenticity falls on his audience, the comments he’s been getting online seem to be telling it all. Even the bad messages that come his way never tell Godsey he’s a fake, a manufactured artist, a plant, or a sellout. When people use their music to express their authentic selves, others will recognize that. They may not like what they hear, as is their right, but they will never be able to deny that what they hear is real. That counts for an awful lot.

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