Baddie Vee on Financial Freedom, Corporate Limitations & Her New Business Venture 

Multi-talented, strikingly beautiful & business savvy, Baddie Vee is hard to ignore – a force to be reckoned with, she’s blazing her own trail through Florida’s modeling scene. “I’m passionate about modeling because I’m good at it,” she tells us, “and it allows me to have financial freedom.”

Amidst the dozens of messages she receives on Instagram every day (mainly from besotted men desperate for her attention – most of which she ignores, of course), Vee has been contacted by some pretty big celebrities about video appearances, leading her to brand herself as a “Video Vixen”, alongside traditional modeling.

As a qualified Vet Tech, Vee has had experience in a more “normal” job role. Frustrated with the 9 to 5 grind, she made a decision to step out & push for something of her own. “I used to work a more traditional kind of job”, she sighs, “but I recognized that my growth & earning potential in that kind of corporate system was limited.”

Vee is currently working on something special – a business venture she calls “Bubble Baddies”. “A couple of months ago, I got a brain mail!” she smiles. “Something fun, that’s sort of roleplaying & dancing, that’s my own thing.” Watch this space.
You can follow Baddie Vee at @baddie_vee_ on Instagram.

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