Book Blake “DJ Blacke” Bulin For Your DJing Needs (TEXAS) 

DJ Blacke is an upcoming DJ from Mesquite Texas, his biggest inspiration comes from Mark Diamond and Justin Timberlake. He DJ’s live performances throughout the state of Texas and works professionally in Logic Pro and does mixing and mastering services for his clients as well. 

There can never be any chance of success when you haven’t nailed the basic musical stuff, of course. Work on that and become a pro, sharpening your senses of what goes with what. Then, pick up the necessary tools to make your work more effective. Find some DJing software for aid, anything that works would do. 

Importantly, you must put your time into it. Discipline is key here. While at it, you must share your work widely. Film yourself spinning on your turntable. Stay active on your socials. Promote yourself as much as you can, then keep doing it over and over.

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