Brunel Wekho Takes Off: 3 2 1 Houston, We Have Ignition

Dumbfounded why you haven’t heard of DJ and Producer Extraordinaire Brunel Wekho in the charts? You should be! His work is a critical reflection of contemporary works that are crystal clear works for the ages. Recently Wekho’s been far too busy for mainstream working with a Dutch dance label called Armada Music – yes, that one! And let’s not forget the acclaimed Spanish dance label Blanco Y Negro. His work is exactly like the name of this label, black and white or night and day! Listening to Brunel makes him an instant favorite and makes us want to collect his collaborations and masterpieces like a kleptomaniac!

If you’ve heard all the summer hits you can stand, take a listen to Wekho and impress your friends with a rich musical repertoire and the fresh new sounds. If you’re a stickler for technical detail, then recite all of his works and explain his diversity to others! It’s likely to come in handy as Wekho is a rocket blasting off, and you’ve got front-row seats!

Brunel does it all; check out the following releases to see what Wekho is about, the deeply popular ‘Deep House Hits Ibiza 2018’ or ‘Truth Never Lies (2019)’. Next, feed your newly formed addiction with ‘Armada Invites Radio (2018)’ or lap up ‘Let Us Make A Sign (2018)‘ and ‘Hurt (2019)’. No matter how fussy you are, you’re destined to like Wekho.

Currently, Brunel is producing and creating new tracks, including collaborations spanning Europe. He’s also promoting his latest hits, including ‘Lone Wolves’. When not doing this, Brunel is creating more original songs ready for his ever-growing fanbase. Also, check out Brunel’s Sancover Music to see the latest up-and-coming talent under his wing!      

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