Burgerrockk continues to inspire new artists

Music is like the essence of life; without it, our life is incomplete. The more melodious and chiming the piece is, the more you can understand a musician’s thoughts. And one such thoughtful musician is Burgerrockk  – full of talent and zeal.

There are many styles of music and various ways to enjoy them, but the type of music Burgerrockk  composes is remarkable. Just by listening to it, you would feel attracted to it. So many of her songs, such as You and I and Photos In Paris have a certain bounce in their rhythm that makes them different. While the music seems to be strong, yet it feels natural. The music beats that she creates consist of some heavily accented beats, which are generally very fast. At times, she combines solid beats and weak beats to create unique rhythmic patterns soothing to the ears.

The young composer slowly brings out her best work and becomes famous on various music listening platforms, especially Spotify. Her favorite and most-listened-to songs on Spotify are Photos In Paris and No Playboy she started writing songs and making music just last year and has more than a thousand listeners. 

Burgerrockk is very passionate about her music. She loves making frantic music that could quickly compel you to leave whatever you’re doing and dance. Apart from that, she likes to go on adventures, try new things and explore. She visited Miami, La Fortuna in Costa Rica, and Mexico earlier this year since he loves to stay close to nature.

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