BxBymarr Announces Choppa on Me

Marcus Heagle, better known by his stage name BxBymarr, hails from the United States, where he’s been carving out his path in the music industry. With his energetic and unique style, BxBymarr is making waves, one track at a time.

Ever since his cousins introduced him to the world of rap, Marcus has been captivated by music. His journey into the industry hit a significant milestone last year with the release of his debut album. Reflecting on his progress, he’s proud of how far he’s come.

When asked about his musical style, BxBymarr confidently describes it as “pretty good and somewhat unique.” He believes his music resonates with audiences due to its energetic and different nature.

Despite being an independent artist, BxBymarr is no stranger to collaboration. He often connects with other musicians and producers through various social media platforms. Although he’s worked solo for the most part, he’s open to the idea of working with a team.

One of BxBymarr’s proudest achievements is reaching 260 monthly listeners on Spotify. For him, it’s a testament to his growth and the growing interest in his music. His motivation stems from his continuous improvement as an artist.

However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Marketing has been a challenge for BxBymarr, and he’s still working on perfecting this aspect of his career. Yet, he recognizes the importance of engaging with his fans on social media, understanding that interaction breeds interest.

BxBymarr’s next single, “Choppa on Me,” is eagerly awaited by his fans. He’s also interested in exploring a distribution deal with labels to expand his reach further.

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