C.LACY Shares 3 Pro Tips For Those Looking To Make It Big In The Music Industry

Breaking into the entertainment industry is a mountain-sized challenge for many artists and can be quite discouraging. Many artists have given up on their dreams due to the excruciating battle to get their foot into the music industry. C.LACY says that the world needs to hear these voices and the words they want to say. This is why every musician should prepare in advance before they get into the industry.

Cory Lacy, known as C.LACY, is a singer-songwriter with a passion for RnB with a pop twist. Having been in the entertainment business for a while, C.LACY has discovered some of the pitfalls that musicians fall prey to and hopes to help others avoid these traps. C.LACY has diversified his portfolio to include mentorship as he recognizes the need for artists to have guidance. His experience in music has taught him three key things that he wishes to share with other artists:

  • Believe in yourself

Confidence in yourself and your musical talent is crucial to succeeding in the music industry. Being in a very competitive space, it is easy to fold into yourself if you’re not confident in what you do. C.LACY says that you need to believe that you belong in the industry and that you are good enough to succeed. This has been one of the guidance systems in the growth of his career. Rejection is common in music, and when you believe in yourself, you stop listening to other peoples’ fears and opinions. If it takes some time to succeed, don’t give up, as all good things take time.

  • Build a great team

One of the setbacks that C.LACY experienced early on is shady business in the music industry. Many people will want to exploit you for your talent. The music industry is so much more than the musical content; you need a team to help you put your music out to the world for audiences to hear it. When you have a good team in your corner, you can focus mainly on making great music as they handle other aspects of business and marketing for you.

  • Be you

It is easy to get caught up in the pursuit of fame and success, and as a musician with role models and competitors, some people act out of character to grow. C.LACY notes that for a long and successful career, you need to be your authentic self. Let the audiences get to know you, what you bring to the industry and not a version of another musician or a persona you believe would be popular.

Looking at the amount of headway C.LACY has made in the industry from following his own advice. It is well worth considering for your break into the music scene.

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