Cami Strella soaks the music industry with new song flashy lights

Cami, aka the “Cami Strella” is coming in hot this year after a quiet 2021 in the music foray, but news of her project marks a new era for the Hollywood purveyor.

R&B/Hip-Hop artist Cami Strella has announced the sequel to his laudable 2020 debut Visions, and we are excited.

After releasing the first single, to usher in the energy she will be channeling for this new season of his art, showman Cami Strella is excited to finally let the cat out the bag — Visions II is arriving in late March, reportedly.

“I want people to see who I am as an artist through my next album. My first album was just to prove I could do it, but this second project is full of emotion and grit,” she announced before actually sharing an unequivocal date of late March.

“This project is mainly about coming to fruition as an artist struggling to maintain personal relationships, ” she says. “Which is something I feel that all successful artists go through at some point in their careers.”

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