CasiinoSmooth’s Work Ethic Is Evident In His New Banger ‘Whoo Icy’

CasiinoSmooth is the hero doing it all by himself. He is not only an entertainer and artist, but he is also an educator who shares inspiration on how to be prosperous on your own as an artist. Dedicated to being the creative force behind every step of his music, he writes his music, unlike most of the iconic hip-hop stars in the industry. He goes further to produce the loops he makes and has learned to master every single track. After becoming his own boss, he created a song called ‘Back in Action’ by JSkillz, where he was featured. ‘Back in Action’ is one of his productions where he creatively utilized guitar loops. Through his music production, he has featured vast artists from all over the world and uploaded his music tutorials videos on YouTube. We expect many exciting things from CasiinoSmooth in his next production projected to drop early 2022. For more info on Casiino check out his website.

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