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Pascal Khatami (Katago) was born in Berlin, Germany on the 22nd March 2002, and grew up in a small town called “Maennedorf”, near the city of Zurich in Switzerland. In 2015 Katago recorded his first song “HKML” and after the song becoming a breakthrough hit, was determined to pursue his career further. At the age of 16, Katago went to DLD College in London, where he studied BTEC Music Technology. Since then, he has started producing his own beats and has helped other artists with their productions. Katago is not only a rapper and musician, but also a producer with great skills in beat making and mastering. His latest album “LDN Tape” was a huge success as well, with features from rappers NOK1D and Calvin Sober. The album reached over 300k streams on Spotify so far and was produced by “a3”, a young producer from Germany, and by Katago himself. Katago found his own style in music and represents this perfectly on this album. As he continues to focus on touching peoples emotions and feelings with his music, he tells the personal stories from his life and fills the listener with not just knowledge but moral as well. “I try to tell stories in my music, parts of my life, good and bad things. My goal is to reach an audience which can understand what I want to say with certain songs, and feel my emotions and understand my thoughts. My most successful songs are all about emotions”. Katago recently received his own editorial playlist on Spotify too, named “This Is Katago”, which is a milestone he always wanted to achieve. Fans can find all his essential tracks in the Spotify curated playlist. After the achievements and accolades Katago has reached, it’s safe to say the sky is the limit for this young superstar.  

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