Caught Up With Clayton Trammell

Clay Banks, also known as GN or Clayton Trammell, is a musician hailing from Vallejo, California, who is fully immersed in his craft, devoting himself to it 24-7. With over 20 years of experience, Clay draws inspiration from E-40 and Gabby Wilson, also known as H.E.R. He creates music across several genres, including hip hop, R&B, and country.

Clay recently had the amazing experience of performing with Felicia the Poetess Morris, the first lady of Interscope Records. He has collaborated with MikeyX, Slapmaters, JuJu, and is looking forward to working with artists like H.E.R, Kevin Gates, E-40, and more.

When asked who he would love to work with, Clay cites 2Pac, H.E.R, and E-40 among many others. Although he is not signed to a label, Clay is open to any deal, as long as he can trust the team.

Clay’s biggest supporters include jqsexotictreatsandsnacks, Sharkys Chicken and Fish, Slapmaster, and Joseph McKenzie. His name was inspired by E-40’s quote “Clay Bank Vacavillin up there by Reno” in the song “Mr. Flamboyant”.

Currently, Clay is working on a super hot EP and has recently released a single called “Late Nite Calls”. His next release will be the day he is released from prison. Clay is clearly passionate about his music and dedicated to perfecting his craft.

IG @trammellclayton

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