“Christian Dior” by ZDIORX is taking off!

Christian Rapper ZDIORX releases his highly anticipated EP “Christian Dior” and it couldn’t be better. This is one of the most well executed projects that we’ve seen all year, this project features Christian Hip-Hop star Not Klyde and upcoming artists K-See and A3. The stand out record on this tape is “N2P” which features Not Klyde and A3 and to say their styles merged well would be a huge understatement. This record is crafted perfectly and makes for a great performance record. ZDIORX has seriously been on a roll and it is only a matter of time before this young star is on tour with major artists. He says that the name of the EP came simply from, “I am a Christian named Dior, its that simple”. The record that most surprised his listeners was the opening track “Already Won” because he mixed a Carti style beat with his Uzi style vocals. ZDIORX hasn’t missed and doesn’t seem like a miss is in his journey. Listen to this album on all platforms and follow ZDIORX @zdiorx

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