Christian Locke Out from the Studio and Onto the World Stage

Christian Locke’s experience in the music world embodies all aspects. From his early age as a budding guitarist to making covers to working on a handful of songs with talented musicians, he’s been around. Some musicians like Wills Van Doorn, Jackson Rise, Kamran Tavakonlinia, and Hank Wiedel have had pretty impressive careers in their own right, continuing to serve as an inspiration to Christian’s output. 

Recently, Christian’s music has found its way into St. Louis radio, “Look At Me Now” was picked up by a local college radio station DJ. From there, the song has been noticed by various DJs in the St. Louis area. Hearing his music on the radio means the world to him, as it does confirm that, in a way, he has arrived. 

The number of songs he’s put out has been steadily increasing, with his initial debut single accruing millions of streams online. In addition, his online presence has helped attract attention to the art associated with actual guitar playing, as he brings up elements of the guitar’s roots in the blues, merging this into newer trends and giving it a timeless aura. 

With “Three Little Words,” slated for V day 2023, he continues improving with each release, as his academic work with his instrument has already borne significant fruit. From humble origins as a bedroom musician to sharing the stage with greats, he’s come a long way. 

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