Church – Afrobeats – Artistry: The Head of Global A&R for AMG Simplysola

Music Industry Mogul Simplysola beat the odds and made a way for himself. A product of the church, Simplysola gives thanks to God for what he has achieved in his career thus far. Starting out as a Producer, he later on moved into Artistry and saw promise in that area of the space. This success would follow him through his career and in 2019, Afropolitan Media Group (AMG) selected Sola to be the head of Global A&R. He’s always had a heart to help artists elevate their careers and find solutions so it made sense for him to join the team. The Afropolitan Group is an entertainment and tourism firm bringing afro-centric experiences across the globe. Due to the firms global success and growing demand for African music, the Afropolitan Group developed a partnership with EMPIRE (the San Francisco-based independent music company). Together they created the Afropolitan Media Group Group (AMG), a company positioned to become the world leader in Afrobeats entertainment.

Simplysola has built quite the reputation and is greatly loved by his peers. His character and drive is what sets him apart from the average creator. He’s even changing the way artists are managed, as Head of A&R Sola is taking a revolutionary approach to the contracting process. Sola says that, “instead of traditional long-term deals, the AMG team and I are enabling artists to craft short term deals, proving their worth in the process.” In other words he is in favor of the artist which is extremely unorthodox to the Industry Standard.

It’s clear that Sola has always been ahead of his time, from merging gospel and hip hop to
producing afrobeats far before the wave — the music world just wasn’t ready. Now he has the
experience, the infrastructure and most importantly the timing.

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