Connecticut People Records CEO & Founder Yung D Is Putting CPR Studios On The Map


Yung D | CEO & Founder of Connecticut People Records

World Renowned Social Media Influencer and accomplished house engineer X producer Yung D, who uncoincidentally is also the sitting CEO & founder of “CPR” Studios (an acronym for “Connecticut People Records”) which is an East-coast label using its completely organic platform(s) outreach, and overall network to help elevate the awareness of and following behind the legitimate hard hitting local artists fighting their way to the top throughout the greater Connecticut Hip-Hop music community. To be more specific, based in HartfordConnecticut himself, Yung D and his closest associates within the inner circle of CPR Studios continue to pull their own weight which is undoubtedly accounted for through the label’s constant overall elevation as a respected voice of its own in the industry. 

Yung D does what he not only does best himself, but he takes on a role so intricate that nobody other than himself would be able to pull off; at least in its entirety let alone as successfully as he has so fluently done for the company thus far. Day in and day out he works relentlessly to further build the label and in turn build the countless artists doing work with them If you have any positive feelings about the Hip-Hop genre, do yourself a favor and tap in with Yung D over at Connecticut People Records as well as all the original talent available and waiting for discovery. All thanks to Yung D and the whole CPR Studios team! For viewers convenience, the most significant links have been provided below.

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