Corey St. Rose Proves Himself On Living Too Fast Deluxe

In just a few years Corey St. Rose has made a name for himself and proved that he is a force to be reckoned with in the New York music scene. Hailing from East New York, he continuously proves that he is just getting started and has a lot more in store for his fans. I had the pleasure of speaking with him about his inspirations, influences, his new single and video “New York City” and any goals he has planned for 2022.

Often categorized as a “drill rapper,” Corey St. Rose wears many different hats. He has proven that he cannot be placed into solely one category and is a multi-faceted artist. From his music to his lyricism and content, there is more to St. Rose than meets the eye. He continues to show that he will create his own lane in the music industry, and the versatility of his sound needs no labels. He is a talented rapper, songwriter, CEO of clothing line, True Colors Worldwide, and has also tried his hand at acting and music engineering. St. Rose is known for his hit singles “ZAZA” and “Cheat Code.” He has also previously collaborated with fellow Brooklyn rapper, Smoove’L on the 2020 single “Julius Caesar.” 

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