“Courtroom Victory: Nipsey Hussle’s Family Gains Control of Daughter’s $2 Million+ Legacy”

In a legal battle that had been ongoing for over a year, the mother of Nipsey Hussle’s daughter sought to reclaim both custody of her child and control of the estate. Allegations of substance abuse and alcohol-related issues from 2019 complicated the matter, with a Probate Investigator recommending against appointing Tanisha as guardian due to her unemployment, unstable housing, and alleged alcohol problems. The latest development in this custody saga has resulted in Nipsey’s family taking control of the estate.

As reported by Radar Online, Nipsey Hussle’s mother, brother, and sister achieved a significant victory in court over his former girlfriend, Tanisha Foster. A recent hearing marked another chapter in the ongoing legal battle concerning the custody of 14-year-old Emani.

The judge’s ruling establishes that Nipsey’s mother, Angelique, his brother, Sam, and sister, Samantha, will collectively serve as guardians of Emani’s financial affairs, including her substantial $2 million+ inheritance.

The tragic loss of Nipsey Hussle in 2019 left behind not only Emani but also a son named Kross, born to his girlfriend, Lauren London. The sole beneficiaries of the musician’s estate are his two children.

Sam, Nipsey’s brother, was chosen to oversee the management of the rapper’s estate, which was assessed at $4 million. Sam believes that the estate could generate an annual income of approximately $4.7 million.

After Nipsey’s passing, Angelique Smith, Sam, and Samantha were granted physical custody of Emani, as they asserted that Tanisha was not suited to care for the child.

The turning point in the legal battle came in August 2021 when Nipsey’s family submitted a petition to become the guardians of Emani’s estate, thereby obtaining control over her inheritance and investment decisions.

In their petition, the family stated, “Appointing Petitioners as the Guardians of Emani’s Estate will allow Petitioners to invest Emani’s share of the expected inheritance from her father’s estate.” They promised to responsibly manage Emani’s assets in her best interests until she reaches 18 years of age.

Tanisha strongly objected to the petition, seeking to prevent Nipsey’s family from gaining control of Emani’s estate and to regain custody of her.

In her filing, Tanisha explained that, at the time of Nipsey’s passing, they had an amicable relationship and shared custody. She mentioned that Nipsey had covered their bills because of his substantial financial resources.

Tanisha also revealed that she had agreed to allow Nipsey’s family to have custody of Emani in 2019, but her motivation for doing so was primarily due to financial constraints.

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