Cristine Jackson Model & Artist

As a little girl my mother’s closet and her full length mirror were my best friends. I came up a Georgia peach being raised down south after my parents divorced when I was two, moving to The Bronx New York when I was thirteen. One of four siblings; I’d play dress up for hours trying on her shoes, dresses & costume jewelry. I always knew I wanted to be a model & even back then nobody was about to tell me I wasn’t a model. When I look back on my childhood I have nothing but great memories right up until my eleventh birthday. My mother raised four children all on her own and she did a marvelous job but like most families we have trauma. My birthday is cause for celebration but it’s also the anniversary of the course of events which led to my siblings & I being placed into the foster care system. By the grace of God my family came out of it together (even after being separated) & stronger with each because of it. My mother is my inspiration and in my eyes she is superwoman.

As a preteen my dreams of becoming a model were already dissipated due to being bullied in school for my looks & being overweight. It wasn’t until I reached Highschool (Theodore Roosevelt in the Bronx) & all that “baby fat” as my mother called it just started to melt away that my dreams of becoming a model started blooming again. But life never goes as planned right?! We are not in control & with that being said my dreams were once again put on hold but this time it was for the birth of my son. Some might say that getting pregnant at 17 is promiscuous, I say it was my greatest achievement. Besides I’m 34 now & still don’t have any other children so what is promiscuous?!

Back in 2015 when rap/hip hop artist’s like G.Fisher had this group called “The Movement” a large group of artists from all over including MoneyBagz & Bugz (Team Homi), Khardier DA God (D Block), Deuce Biggs & Chuck Platinum introduced me to the modeling industry. I learned through those experiences that being a part of this group was my “awakening” into seeing THIS is simply who I am. It opened my eyes to so much and I was like “ok this is it Lord…i know what I’m here to do.” I was a member of, “The Movement Angels” alongside other models such as Cherri Red, Saucy The Body & Bambi (those are my girls), but my very first photoshoot was done by Christian Ortiz. He’s a dope, very gifted freelance photographer from the Bronx. The more modeling I did the more industry events I started to attend and with that, so many doors  opened for me along the way then I met ShoTime Tv One night at a rap battle event I attended on behalf of my brother Blitz Buggout. We networked, did our thing and the rest was history. ShoTime managed my model/acting career for 3 amazing years. He introduced me to acting I fell in love & had the amazing opportunity to co star alongside him & many other talents during the filming of “PPRESSED a battle rap movie” written and directed by Vera Edwards. Not only was I working while doing what I loved  I was also making life long friends in the process. But of course sometimes things happen in Life and it caused me to delay focusing on my dreams. But I’m back Now and I am better than ever! The time I’ve dedicated to the industry gave me experiences some have been wonderful. My manager ShoTime  and I have been through a lot together. this industry itself is ALOT but I know without a doubt that he has my best interest at heart. That’s all I need to know when it comes to being a team. My only goal in this industry is to win…to never stop winning & help as many as I can climb to the top with me.

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