Damon Fletcher Continues To Scale His Success With His Music Video Getting Over 400,000 Views On YouTube

Washington, D.C.-based Damon Fletcher recently made his musical debut under the mononym Damon. Damon has teamed up with the Crush Boys for their inspirational single, “Hustle with A Purpose.” The song kicks off with a somewhat snappy, tribal beat, which bolsters both chanted and sung vocals from Fletcher and the Crush Boys. The chorus encourages listeners to “hustle with a purpose” to achieve their dreams. The message is uplifting and empowering, with a touch of humor thrown in thanks to the light-hearted delivery from Damon and the Crush Boys. It’s a feel-good track that is sure to get stuck in your head – in the best way possible. If “Hustle with A Purpose” is any indication of what Damon has in store for his musical career, we are intrigued and looking forward to hearing more.

When the pandemic hit and everyone was told to stay home, Damon Fletcher saw an opportunity. He saw how people’s lifestyles had drastically changed and how the global timeout was affecting their morale. Through music, Damon is uplifting spirits and making people feel hopeful for a better future. His goal is to make people remember that there is still beauty in the world despite the challenges they are facing. With his positive outlook on life, Damon is sure to bring smiles to the faces of music lovers everywhere.

What does it mean to hustle with a purpose? For Damon Fletcher, it means using his platform as an artist to spread positivity and support during trying times. Among his best hits is his single called “Hustle with a Purpose,” geared toward spreading positivity in trying times. Now more than ever, it’s important for society to receive as much support as it can get. Damon Fletcher is changing the course of the music industry by setting an example for other artists to use their talents to make a change. The pandemic motivated the artist to go for the extra mile in encouraging people. He says, “I want my music to inspire people to stay positive and never give up on their dreams…Music has always been a source of positivity for me, so I want to share that with others.” And that’s exactly what he’s doing. Through his music, Damon Fletcher is giving people the motivation they need to keep going – even when things are tough.

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