Daniel Martin AKA “DANMAR” From Atlanta


2. Atlanta

3. 19

4. My freshman year of high school

5. Very serious. I’d take up music as a career in a heartbeat. All my friends around me keep telling me I need to be an artist full time.

6. Yes, at times its been hard because its easy rot feel like you’re not making progress or that nobody notices you, but hard times make for better songs. 

7. Probably either Jude Barclay or Post Malone.

8. I listened to a ton of rap and one day I asked my dad if I could get and computer and I started making beats. I did it every day and really enjoyed it and then I eventually transitioned to recording over my own beats.

9. Either Zaytoven or 217 on the track. 

10. My favorite beat I’ve ever made is for my song champions that drops this coming Friday September 10th. The patterns and theme just work so perfectly together. My best song I’ve ever made is definitely my song with Jude Barclay that hasn’t dropped yet.

11. No

12. Yes

13. I would most likely collaborate with other CHH artists or pop singers. 

14. Post Malone or lecrae

15. Getting this song and music video out with Jude so that I can establish my brand and who I am as an artist. 

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