Dedicated Charizmia From Military To Music

When it comes to hard work and dedication, Charizmia knows how to persevere through it all. After joining the military at the age of 18, serving for four years, and then having two kids. Charzmia has been thrown many different curveballs, but continues to break the standards of what women can do. 

When it comes to music, she says she has grown up around it and as a child there was always music playing in her house as a way to promote happiness and love. After returning from the military there were many people trying to influence her into different industries. After a good support system coming from her uncle, he opened her eyes to the music industry. 

After stepping into a studio in 2011, she realized her passion for music and knew she would be able to produce something different then other artists. 

Keep an eye out for the rest of Charizmia’s future because she has many plans to take her girl boss skills to the next level. 

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