Diageo Retains Full Ownership of CÎROC and DeLeón Brands

In a surprising turn of events, the legal battle between Sean “Diddy” Combs and Diageo has come to an end with a settlement agreement. The Hip-Hop mogul has withdrawn all allegations against Diageo, marking the resolution of a dispute that began in June 2023. The joint public statement released to The Source indicates that Mr. Combs voluntarily dismissed his lawsuits with prejudice, signifying the conclusion of any legal actions.

While the settlement details remain undisclosed, it is confirmed that Diageo now solely owns the CÎROC vodka and DeLeón tequila brands. The severance of ties between Diageo PLC and Diddy occurred after the mogul filed a lawsuit claiming that the company neglected their jointly owned DeLeón tequila brand.

The Wall Street Journal reported allegations of racial discrimination, with Diddy asserting that Diageo categorized DeLeón as an “urban” brand and referred to it as a “Black brand.” Diageo, in response, called for the dismissal of the lawsuits and accused Diddy of breaching contracts and making unreasonable financial demands.

Despite a 15-year partnership that generated nearly a billion dollars, Diageo claimed that Diddy contributed only $1,000 and failed to honor commitments. The legal filing by Diageo portrayed Diddy’s actions as an attempt to extract additional billions from the company through false and reckless allegations.

This article dives into the unexpected twists in the legal saga and explores the implications of Diageo retaining full ownership rights, shedding light on the complexities of business relationships in the world of spirits.

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