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Brian I, is an artist that learned the importance of perseverance and motivation early in his career. He had a difficult time not making the most of his career and feeling unsatisfied with his outwardly successful life, which made him even more determined to succeed. Brian I has since moved to Texas with his brothers and is still making music that is influenced by his upbringing. Despite the difficulties he faced early on in his life, Brian I has persevered and is using his music to inspire others. His most recent single is entitled, “Major Keys”.

Musicians have always been a creative bunch, and many of them have strived for independence in their work. Brian is no different. He has built his career on being an independent musician, but he is open to expanding his horizons by signing a deal with a record label. While he values his independence, he recognizes that a record label could provide him with the resources and support to reach a wider audience. Ultimately, Brian I just wants to make great music and share it with as many people as possible. Whether he does that as an independent artist or with the help of a record label remains to be seen.

As a musician, Brian has many more plans in store. He plans on continuing to write and record new music, and perform live shows. He also plans on expanding his musical repertoire by learning new instruments and genres. In addition, he plans on collaborating with other artists, both locally and internationally. By continuing to pursue his musical career, Brian hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams and pursue their passions.

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