DJLeach New Single Checklist (feat. Ricky Bandana)

518’s own DJLeach is back again with a new record called Checklist. It’s a song about making a plan of action and setting goals. DJLeach is confident in his work and growth that one day he will make it big in the music industry. It has been much recent progression of DJLeach’s career as he has reached a milestone with a breakthrough record called “420” featuring Afroman & Jake Strain. 420 on YouTube & Spotify has surpassed 1 million views, that total adds up 2 million views and counting everyday for music that DJLeach is on.

DJLeach speaks on his life of not being a college graduate and how he chose music to be his career choice after he recently quit his 9 – 5 working a dead-end job at the mall as his music becomes more and more successful he has hopes of launching a clothing brand. There is only 365 days in a year and you can bet that DJLeach has his calandar set for more releases of checklist! Stay tuned for what the rising star has next in the vault!

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