Drive, Dedication, Passion | Jackie Potter Shares 3 Things That Curate an Outstanding Leader

An excellent leader should be able to foster a positive company culture, motivate the teams to be more productive, and lead the company to success. However, about 38% of new leaders fail within the first 18 months. This worrying figure might make people assume that not everyone is born to be a leader. 

Contrary to popular belief, the qualities that make a good leader are not innate. People are indeed born with some traits such as charisma, humility, and a sense of humor. However, a recent study found that only one-third of the variance in leadership qualities is associated with heredity. 

In other words, essential leadership qualities that guarantee success can be learned and improved over time. Jackie Potter, the CEO and founder of JP Talent, proves that this statement is undoubtedly true. 

After finding her passion for staffing and recruitment and working for one of the most successful human resource consulting firms, Potter was laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Potter decided to start her own company instead of accepting another job, even though she had no previous leadership experience. 

Only one year after starting JP Talent, Jackie Potter managed to grow her agency to a six-figure business. When asked about her secret to success, Potter replied, “It’s the drive, dedication, and passion that I have as a leader.” 

According to Potter, all outstanding leaders possess a drive to succeed that is contagious. 

“A leader can have all the knowledge in the world. No success comes without a struggle, and a leader can only overcome adversities if they have the drive to succeed,” Jackie Potter says. 

Potter believes that a leader must be dedicated to what they do and demonstrate the determination and commitment needed to achieve results. 

“An outstanding leader is dedicated to every aspect of their business, from the tasks they have to complete to their staff, nurturing their talents and allowing them to shine,” Potter says. 

Potter also believes that passion is necessary to turn a vision into reality. 

“Passion always leads to success. When you are passionate about something, especially your business, you can’t help but think about it, be excited about it, and work at it all the time,” Jackie Potter says. 

Finally, when asked about the secret to scaling her business, Potter replied, “There is no secret. A secret sauce to success and growing your business doesn’t exist. The secret is to work insanely hard and to choose work over everything. It may feel like a sacrifice at first, but when you start to see the fruits of your labor, you will realize that it was worth it,” Potter says. 

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